Fiction Book Reviews

Dating, Dining, and Desperation by Melody Carlson

Well this was such a fun book!! Melody Carlson takes a lighthearted approach to talking about finding and resting in God’s plan…even iImagef it involves a little eccentric southern belle, a dog named Tootsie, and a passel of various types of men who may…or may not be the perfect match.

Daphne Ballinger has taken over her late Aunt Dee’s advice column in the local paper as a stipulation of her Aunt’s will. If she can keep up the column AND find a husband within the next year, Daphne will inherit her aunt’s sizeable estate. It’s a match making scheme on the fast track for sure – and Daphne’s faith in God’s grander design it put to the test in various handsome and hilarious exploits 🙂

Such a fun story with a lesson for us all about trusting God’s advice…and finding His greater plan in taking our eyes off of ourselves and serving others.  And sometimes, what we’ve been waiting for has been waiting just behind our distractions and desperation – all we had to do was find the right focus.

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