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Once Upon a Winter’s Heart by Melody Carlson

ImageWhat a fun read for Valentine’s Week!! Melody Carlson’s recent release, Once Upon a Winter’s Heart, is a sweet-filled confection in the hectic business of life. Even the short length of the story doesn’t deter her ability to create a charming hero and a delightful character arc for her heroine.

 Emma Burcelli’s decided Valentine’s Day is a waste of time because romance died with her Poppi. Any sparkles of happily ever after only remind her of the deep sense of loss accompanying love. What she needs is a little Dean Martin, some delightful decorations, and handsome family friend, Lane Forester. Romance and music are in the air and Emma’s heart is encouraged to keep up with the rhythm until she finds out her sister has a cupid arrow pointed in Lane’s direction. Is his kindness and attention simple friendly affection, or is love offering more?

 To learn more about this book, check out Melody Carlson’s website at

 This book was give to me by Christian Fiction Blog Alliance.

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