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Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay

dearmrknightleyI’m a British classics fan from way back – all the way to 8th grade when I read my first one – Jane Eyre, so delving into this sweet and endearing novel by Katherine Reay was a treat. Who doesn’t want to have a little bit of Austen thrown into real-life? The problem with Samantha Moore is she’s rejected ‘real-life’ for a novel and is missing out on living. With a painful past impacting her young life, fiction certainly seems like a great escape.

As twists and turns lead her into her own adventure, Samantha builds confidence in who she is as well as building trust in others – especially the adorable Alex Powell. Dear Mr. Knightley is a wonderful journey sprinkled with familiar classics, like friends, along the way. From Dickens to Gaskell to Lewis, Reay leads the reader on Sam’s “growing up” from the characters she loves into the woman she wants to be. She gets help from Alex and the Muirs along the way, with a seasoning of faith too.

The format is written in the form of letters to Sam’s mysterious ‘benefactor’, Mr. Knightley.

The style is similar to Beth Pattillo or even Shannon Hale.

If you’re an Austen fan, or just love a sweet story about finding your way and falling in love, check out Dear Mr. Knightley.

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