housesnowThe people of Appalachia have the tendency to be the suspicious sort. Whether from the mistrust burned deep by their misuse in the Old Country or the new, we aren’t to keen on strangers, at first.

Or at least that’s been our culture in the past (some of it still remains)
for example, years ago it was vital that you alerted people of your coming with a ‘yoohooo’ or a ‘howdo’ or something else to give folks proper warning. Since the mountains are so vast and tricky – and since people lived scattered across the ridges and the ‘hollers’ of those mountains, it was difficult to see if someone was coming – and sneaking up on a mountain man or woman wasn’t a smart idea 😉

Even though people in Appalachia live much closer nowadays and there’s less ‘fear’ and ‘suspicion’ I still grew up with the habit of ‘yoohoo-ing’ when I’d enter a house. Did you?

Any time I’d enter my Granny’s house, I’d knock first, open the door, and call ‘Yoohoo’ to make my presence known. Then, without fail, she’d call back a responding ‘yoohoo’. IT’s a great memory of mine. It’s also a practice with a detailed history I didn’t know existed until I was older.

I’m so glad that nowadays the ‘yoohoo’ is a simple greeting more than a way to ward off a shotgun welcome. 🙂

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