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Dare to Love Again by Julie Lessman

ImageA few things you can always count on in a Julie Lessman novel:

  1. Romantic tension
  2. Sassy, strong-willed heroines
  3. Broody, stubborn heroes
  4. A happily ever after

With her newest novel, Dare to Love Again, she keeps up her reputation…except for a lessening in the kisses-department – but the romantic tension is still steaming between headstrong and wounded, Allie McClare and hard-nosed, steely policeman, Nick Barone (with a long ‘e’). The repartee between these two is probably one of the best things about Dare to Love Again. He’s been burned by the selfish rich, she’s been burned by shallow men, so both have cultivated sharp tongues to hide their broken hearts. IT’s a fantastic pairing of wit, attraction, and mutual mending in all the right places J

Another wonderful reading by a fast-paced writer with a pension for tension. It will leave you wanting more kisses and definitely some answers to unrequited love in the subplot romance between Cait and Logan, that’s why I’ll be waiting for the third book of Julie’s Heart of San Francisco series to help ease the longing for answers between those two.

Make sure you take the time and enjoy this wonderful story of two broken souls finding healing in the most unexpected places.


This book is available in January 2013 from Revell, Baker Publishing Group. It was provided by Baker Publishing Group and gladly reviewed by me.

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