Five Days In Sky by Carla Laureano

wPNQwGu2I5gCSweet, Sassy, and Scotland? How can you go wrong?

In her amazing contemporary, Five Days in Skye, Carla not only displays her talent as a writer, but pulls together two remarkable characters with the tight threads of a beautiful romance. Andrea Sullivan is broken and tries to find her savior in her work as a hospitality consultant. When a rash decision leaves her trying to salvage her job by taking the renown celebrity chef James MacDonald on as a new client, she’s determined to suffer through five days in the cold land of Skye and seal the deal.

Despite her preconceived notions, James genuine charm, humor, and tenderness awakens her heart to the terrifying realization…she wants to love again. But love can’t bloom in five days, can it?
Especially between two opposites?

You’ll have to find out what happens.
Let me just say that Carla’s writing is intense, clean, with powerful forward momentum. Jamie MacDonald is a hero-extraordinaire 🙂 I don’t know how she could top him.
Andrea’s struggle is beautifully woven through the choices she makes and the constant battle of her heart for hope, with a lovely element of faith gently piecing so many broken threads back together.
I loved it! And am going to have to find more of her books to read – whatever the genre 🙂

If you are interested in a book with fabulous dialogue, excellent scenery, a dashing hero, and a powerful spine of hope – this one is for you!


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