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A Reluctant Courtship by Laurie Alice Eakes

A-Reluctant-CourtshipWell, she’s done it again except in the Regency world! Laurie Alice Eakes has combined adventure, history, humor, and romance to make a compelling story and a wonderful journey. Honore Bainbridge’s adventurous personality has led to a ruined reputation. Unfortunately, it’s also led to being cast out to her family’s country estate in Devonshire, a place her brother thinks will be safe for her.

Out in the wilds of the country, she meets the man her father had hoped she’d marry before his death – Lord Meric Ashmoor, a man with a reputation as questionable as Honore’s. An American and possible traitor, Meric returns to England to seek a wife who will bring up his standing in British Society. Despite his best attempts, the quirky, honest, and incorrigible Honore Bainbridge proves to be everything he shouldn’t want in a wife….

and a perfect fit for his heart.

1375817_10202111513530044_2103378588_nThe two of these characters are imperfectly perfect for each other, and as they stumble through a mystery and a few murder attempts, they realize that together is exactly where they want to be. But there are many more barriers to their hearts than society’s expectations, and both of them are at risk in losing their lives.

What will they be willing to sacrifice to keep the other alive?

Laurie does a fabulous job with weaving suspense, adventure, and romance together with wonderful historical details and fun characters. Meric and Honore are delightful together on the page. this book is definitely worth your time!

Available October 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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