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Vessels of Mercy


Comparisons are great teachers.

Hard and soft

Sour and sweet

Dark and light (very Rembrandt) 🙂

Comparisons teach us because, without one, we wouldn’t have a better understanding of the other, right?

If I’d never seen light, I wouldn’t know that darkness was…darkness.

If I’d never tasted sweet (heaven help me), I wouldn’t have a solid understanding of sour.

Because of the wealth of comparisons in life, we have a richer understanding of the world around us. A greater appreciation, so to speak.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I’m reading through Romans (AGAIN). It’s my favorite book of the Bible, and I’m making my way through chapter 9. Today I was struck by comparisons. How do we know the wealth of mercy given to us? How do we have a better grasp on the magnitude of God’s forgiveness? How do we reach on tiptoe to see a better view of the knowledge of the heights of His love for us?



Paul uses the comparison of vessels of mercy and vessels of wrath to create an understanding of God’s incomparable (;-) love for us! I would never know how lost my soul was until God found me and only NOW (after He’s saved me) can I look back and see His great salvation.

I would never understand how dark my sin, until it is compared to the holiness of God.

Or how magnificent his mercy when compared to my just desserts.

God doesn’t call us to compare ourselves to each other, however. That leads to a judgmental attitude or self-righteousness. But if we get our comparisons right by focusing on Him, then at first it knocks us off our pedestals of pride…

And then…

It lifts us up into the knowledge of how much we are loved.



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