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Made to Last by Melissa Tagg

ImageIt’s official!

Made to Last, Melissa Tagg’s debut novel, is as spunky, charming, and delightful as the author.

And the meet cute? Ooo, very fun! And a bit damp -but not damp enough to quiet the sparks zinging between deparate reporter, Matthew Knox and television star, Miranda Woodruff. There’s a distinct problem though. To save her job as the star of her homebuilding television show, she’s pretending to be married to a guy who looks too much like the man who broke her heart three years before. And the  sparks her pretend husband makes are those which might literally burn down her house.

But Matthew  gets past her television persona to the heart of who she is and offers something deeper than facades and cheap imitation. Something as real and constant as hard wood floors and the foggy mist of the Smokies.  Is she willing to risk her professional future on a love that’s made to last?

Miranda may be good at wood-working, but designing her own life hasn’t turned out so well for her in the romance department. Melissa’s novel is a fun journey of how God’s craftsmanship in our hearts brings us true hope…and REAL romance that lasts. Such a fantastic debut, fun story, and delightful characters.

By the way, Melissa – I REALLY like Blaze. SO FUNNY!!

Provided by and reviewed for Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

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