Fiction Book Reviews

Fired Up by Mary Connealy

fired upMary Connealy lights another delightful spark with her usual concoction of sassy women and stubborn men in her latest release Fired Up. From an avalanche to a measles outbreak to a mysterious fire and a host of other troubles, self-taught Dr. Dare Riker and widow, Glynna Greer, find there’s better cooking going on in their own hearts than in Glynna’s kitchen, – though her poor results as a cook in her own diner is helping Dare’s business 🙂

And any interest Dare has in Glynna is going to have to burn through Glynna’s suspicious and wounded heart as well as the over-protective nature of her solemn son.

But somebody has a plan to put out any sparks in Dare and Glynna’s relationship, let alone Dare’s life.

It’s another fun and exciting book by award winning author, Mary Connealy, and probably my favorite so far from the Trouble in Texas series.

Pick it up and be prepared to laugh, wince, and cheer on a perfect match made in unlikely places with unlikely people who are willing to fight each other and anyone else who tries to hurt those they care about.

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