Fiction Book Reviews

The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

721490_w185Book 2 in the Restoration Series, The Promise,  by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley proved to be as poignant and memorable as book 1, The Dance. An added benefit of The Promise was seeing how the changes made in the hero of book 1 manifested themselves through a changed life, and even the ability to teach his son.

Pride and fear break a lot of hearts – and The Promise displays this in a careful and beautiful way through the relationship of Tom and Jean. As I mentioned with The Dance, I can see this book continuing the thread of marital healing the Restoration Series seems to provide. Through fiction, the authors are bringing out real emotions, struggles, and situations and placing God’s truth as a guiding light and healing hand throughout the story.

It takes a hard fall for Tom’s pride to be broken and his fears to become realized. And his wife, Jean, comes to some self-discoveries regarding the fears which have controlled her confidence for a long time in her marriage.

Crossing the generations to show how generations can impact each other for the good or the bad was an lovely and powerful addition to a heartwarming story.

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