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Living Above the Noise

1008978_10201682986937147_156603512_oAs a mom of five and a therapist who works with kids on the Autism spectrum, I’m well acquainted with noise. Multiply the number of kids, you automatically triple the noise level it seems. Most of the time it’s happy kid-noise, but sometimes it’s that horrible irritating noise of conflict, rattling the walls of the house and begging for intervention.

But the worst kind of noise is the kind that happens inside – the kind you can’t outrun or ignore. The kind that keeps you up at night or gnaws a worry pathway in your stomach. The type that swirls around in your heart until it knots into bitterness or weighs down your soul until your hope is frayed.

It’s distracting, disappointing, depressing, and utterly destructive if left to infest a life long-term.

But here’s a secret.

We are so blessed by our heavenly Father. He gives us a way to live above the noise. It isn’t some magic pill or special code, but it is a change of perspective. A turn of the will. A renewal of the mind.

Hard rock is noise to me.

Jazz is not.

So if hard rock is playing, I try to change the station.

In the same way, God has give us the ability to ‘change the station’ of the noise in our minds or hearts. His strength. His power. We can’t do this on our own, but if our hearts are frenetic with discord, He brings peace.

He PROMISES to give peace.

John 14:27  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

God gives us the ability to live above the noise. To get our minds off of our worries and back on His greatness and love for us. It’s not easy and we all suffer from surround-sound disturbances we can’t seem to shake, but God is faithful. He gives us his peace – an overwhelming sense of being held, loved, and rescued.

As simple as it may sound, worry is placing our concerns above God’s promises. We allow our troubles to grow bigger than His love.

And NOTHING is that big 🙂

May we live in the knowledge of His amazing power to rescue us, to refocus our thoughts, and to lift us above the noise so we can hear the beautiful music of his redeeming love.

2 thoughts on “Living Above the Noise”

  1. This is a wonderful and much-needed post, Pepper…especially for me…especially on a Monday. 🙂 It hit me once again as I read that peace is a choice…it’s my choice to refocus my thoughts. And when I do, I can trust God to turn inner turmoil into inner peace. Thanks so much for the reminder.


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