God's grace, inspirational fiction

The Book of Beginnings – Part 1 – The Betrayal

haddon 13In a kingdom long ago, there lived a great king. Kind and powerful, he ruled his kingdom with fairness and grace, showering his people with gifts and prosperity. But among his court walked the Betrayer. Cloaked with a fake smile and a stone heart, he desired control of the glorious kingdom and plotted out the king’s downfall. How would he do it?
To make his great wound, The Betrayer knew he could not reach the commoners. They had no power.
The servants were no better, nor the other advisers – for the King was too wise to heed false words.
tsNo, he would have to go to those closest to the king’s heart. His children. Foundlings he’d brought up as his own.
Two children the King plucked from the poor alleys of the village as they were left for dead.
A son and daughter to join the King’s own Elder Son.
Yes. The vulnerable children, weak from inexperience and thick with craving, would be the tools the Betrayer would wield to usurp the King’s authority.

The King had told his children to remain within the safe haven of the castle walls until they were older. Sheltered by his care and guidance, he would teach them how to understand the world beyond the walls and use weapons of protection, but a secret mirror hid within the castle walls. A mirror the children discovered which led beyond their protected world. A mirror the King warned the children to avoid.
A mirror which the Betrayer would use to obtain his goal.

And – as time carved a pattern of doubts from the Betrayer’s mouth to the children’s hearts, curiosity clouded their father’s love. Pride burned a deeper path to their hearts than obedience.

And with one step – they walked through the mirror and it shattered into a million pieces.

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