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Catch a Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt

15802375Casey Herringshaw was right! Beth K Vogt’s newest novel, Catch a Falling Star, is even better than her first novel, Wish You Were Here. (and I really liked WYWH).

In Catch a Falling Star we meet Dr. Kendall Haynes and air force pilot, Griffin Walker. Both have given up on daydreams and fairytales because of life’s hard knocks. Kendall is beginning to think she’s reached her expiration date and Griffin is sure he’s long over due.

But suprises…and near-death experiences, bring these two together – an unlikely pair who believed their wishes would never come true.

me-and-Pepper-BRMCWC-2012I love Kendall’s personality. Her tenacity and directness is a perfect fit of Griff’s introverted strength. So fun to read the banter between these two.

Also (thank you BETH) for a lovely hallway kissing scene. I love teasers 😉

Find out more about Beth’s books (and the wonderful author herself at

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