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Who’s Got Character with Linore Rose Burkard

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Known for her witty Regency romances, Linore Rose Burkard1908773 introduces 21st century readers to the fun, frolick, and faith of earlier readers. Her motto: Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul. So it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a lover of all things Jane Austen will know about memorable characters.

Not only is Linore an author, but she also encourages other writers by presenting about Character Creation and Marketing, as well as sharing her wealth of knowledge on the Regency era and Jane Austen. Plus, she’s super sweet.

So, her favorite characters? Let’s find out.

media_book1Who is your favorite hero and heroine you’ve ever written? Why?

I haven’t written that many, but I suspect that no matter how many I go on to write, Ariana Forsythe and Phillip Mornay, from my Regency series, will always be tops.

What is the behind-the-scenes story for these characters?

With Ariana, I don’t have much of a back storymedia_book2 except that I wanted a heroine who was smart and spunky enough to stick to her guns when it mattered most. I really wanted to show “faith under fire,” and then have a heroine who could handle it. My “hidden agenda” if you will, was to share the gospel with unbelievers in such a way that they wouldn’t feel preached at, but be able to hear the message uncritically.
With Phillip, I had an idea of needing him to be rather rotten in the beginning, but not so bad that he couldn’t be “reformable.” So he starts out intimidating and stand-offish, to say the least, but by the end of the book every reader wants him to marry the heroine.

51hVWSF2YkL__SX106_Pepper: Marry the heroine AND he becomes one of the dreamy heroes the readers ‘sigh’ over. Go Phillip. I like him even better in the second book because he’s very in love and still so much the man from the first book. His development is wonderful…real.

Thanks so much for being a part of this, Linore.

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Character Creation Tip of the Day:

Strong – As I’ve mentioned before, some of the most memorable characters have an inner strength which drives them through to the end of the story. Think about some unforgettable characters: Scarlett O’Hara or Rhett Butler, Heathcliffe & Catherine, Darcy & Elizabeth, Indiana Jones…

All of these characters have emotional muscles, willing to fight for what they believe is right OR what they want.

Wimpy heroes or heroines can only survive in a novel (and in a reader’s mind), if they are changing into stronger characters.


1 thought on “Who’s Got Character with Linore Rose Burkard”

  1. Linore,
    As usual, it is a pleasure to post anything about your books. They are wonderfully written, and I can’t wait to read the third installment.
    Thanks for being a part of this.



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