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Who’s Got Character with Denise Hunter

From the archives with Denise Hunter

Known for her beautifully crafted love stories of emotional growth, denise hunterspiritual renewal, and ‘rescue’, Denise Hunter combines a wonderful trilogy of faith, humor, and romance to wield a story with memorable value. The rescues that happen on her pages are rescues of the heart.

Most of her stories are about a man wooing a scared or broken woman, so it’s easy to fall in love with her heroes. There is a beauty in the faithfulness of the male characters  and their struggles to break through the walls of hurt that the woman they love, or grow to love, has built around her heart. Oh…and her kissing scenes are FABULOUS!!

Now that I’m sweating, let’s get onto the questions:

cvtn_groomWho is your favorite hero &/or heroine from any book you’ve written (They don’t have to be from the same novel) and why are they your favorites?

I’d have to say my characters from “The Convenient Groom”, Kate Lawrence and Lucas Wright. Both of them arrived in my mind more fully developed than most characters do. Kate, all prim and starchy; Lucas, relaxed and easy-going. I pictured Kate as Selma Blair

and Lucas as James Tupper.

What is the behind-the-scenes story behind these two characters? Where did you get your ideas for them?cv_seaside

I knew Kate was a relationship advice columnist who lived on the island of Nantucket and was getting ready to release her new book “Finding Mr. Right for You”. I wondered, what’s the worst thing that can happen to a woman who advises women on finding their soul mate? And then I had my answer: She is jilted at the altar by her own soul mate. It’s definitely a worse case scenario for any public figure, much less one who thinks she’s got it all figured out like Kate.

I wanted Lucas to be the perfect foil for Kate. In many ways, he’s her opposite, and this makes for great conflict. Plus, Kate is so sure she knows what’s right for her–a professional hazard–and it’s sure not Lucas. (Or so she thinks!)

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Character Creation Tip:

Conflict. Denise writes ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen’. Adding conflict develops not only your story but your characters as well. What do they do when life throws them a curve? How do they respond when they are hurt or angry?

Just as in real-life, the truth of a person’s personality comes out in trial, so a good way to see what your characters are made of is…hit them where it hurts.

Next Week?

I have a whole new line up of great authors for next week, starting with Robin Lee Hatcher on Monday. Stop by and find out which characters she loves the most.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Got Character with Denise Hunter”

  1. *Sigh* Lucas is totally my favorite hero…that’s probably why The Convenient Groom is my favorite book of Denise’s!!! I love the whole Nantucket series though and you’re right Pepper, nobody does a kiss scene like Denise!!! 😛

    xoxo~ Renee


  2. he, he…Renee, books and movies are a lot the same in that respect. Nice kissing scenes 🙂

    I love the last scene in Seaside Letters, in the rain….oooh, very nice.

    But you’re right, the Convenient Groom is still my favorite too.


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