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A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

a-noble-groomWithout a doubt, this has been one of the best fiction books I’ve read this year – and I’ve read some GREAT books!!!

Jody Hedlund inspires a beautiful “real-life” fairytale in this intricate and powerful story about a ‘prince’ who’s lost his courage and a ‘princess’ who has lost her dream. In 1880 Michigan, Annalisa Werner is a young widow in a German community where her marriage was cold and disappointing. If she had the choice to remain single and take care of her own farm she would, but single women were not given that choice. Now she’s forced to wait for a husband from the Old Country who is ‘supposed’ to rescue her from a harsh landowner anxious to retake his property and her livelihood.

Carl von Reichart worked hard…as a physicist and inventor, but his unusual occupation lands him in unexpected trouble with a guillotine. To escape his wrongful accusors, he escapes to a small German community in America where his manservant’s family live and works on Annalisa’s farm as he waits for a promise of ‘new life’ in Chicago.

What Carl finds is the courage to become a noble groom for an unloved woman and her child, but the promised groom from the Old Country and Carl’s secret may destory a happily-ever-after.544222_10200979448069115_508950009_n

If you are looking for a FANTASTIC story and an even BETTER hero, you cannot go wrong with this book. Drama, humor, and a beautiful tug of God’s grace nestle your heart and pump your pulse with the story of Annalisa and Carl. Carl is one of the best heroes I’ve ever read. He squeezed my heart in nine places!! He is tender, funny, and has enough of his own insecurities to make him realistic. I LOVE the way he talks to God and wooes healing for Annalisa!

GO FIND THIS BOOK!!! This is Jody Hedlund’s best yet!


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