God's grace

Painting Walls…and the Blood of Christ

376God doesn’t just wait for Sunday morning worship to inspire His kids, you know. Moments happen all the time, and many times those simple, every-day moments are as poignant as a worship chorus or hymn.

As some of you know, my family and I  bought a new house. It had A LOT of wallpaper. I’ve stripped about 6 rooms and still have 2 to go!

If you’ve ever had the adventure of removing wallpaper (note my sarcasm) then you probably know that the state of the sheetrock/walls after removing the paper might not be so good. In all honesty, these walls were in pretty rough condition in some spots.

Now….I know that with the right putty (joint compound), in the right places, with just the right amount of sanding, 563629_3699918697253_480500149_nI can prime the walls. THEN….I can cover over the whole ugly mess with a coat or two of paint.

They’ll look as good as NEW!

What’s even better about Jesus? Well, we’re broken and scarred on the inside. It takes a complete pulling out of our sin, a puddying up of His grace, and with his love of his blood, he covers over all our brokenness to make us whole, beautiful, worth ‘showing off’ to the world.

We’re new creations! Masterpieces of love!

So, all of this working, stripping wallpaper, repairing walls, and painting takes a new meaning with the right perspective – a heavenly one!

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