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ImageShe’s known as the “Kissing Queen” of Edgy Inspirational Fiction. Her historical romances entertwine historical detail, family sagas, and high romantic tension – but more than that she writes novels strumming with the heartbeat of redemption.

Julie Lessman’s novels may leave you breathless, but not before giving you a spiritual anchor before you fall 🙂

She’s an amazing encourager, especially for those of us floundering around on unpubblished island.and her joy in the Lord is contagious.

AND I just HAD to put in this CUTE pic of Julie and Casey….just because they are both so daggone adorable!

Let’s see what she has to ‘inspire’ us with today 🙂

1.) Favorite inspirational scene from my work?
Not sure if it’s my favorite, but it’s definitely one, and that would be a forgiveness scene from A Passion Denied between the hero John Brady and his priest mentor friend Father Mac. The reason I love it so is because I LOVE King David, who was the one person in the Bible God called “a man after His own heart,” and yet he was such a sinner, just like me! Here’s the clip:
He heard Father Mac flinch, the faint intake of breath piercing Brady’s consciousness anew. He was an infidel. A lost soul. A man who committed vile sins to gratify his own flesh.
He staggered to his feet, suddenly craving the numbing effect of the bottles he’d stolen from Michael’s stash. “I’d rather you leave, Matt. I feel sick and need to lie down.”
A firm grip fisted his arm. “No, John, we need to deal with this now. Once and for all.”
Brady jerked away, his eyes itching with tension. “And how do you propose to do that, Matt? What exactly do you have? A potion or magic formula that will make it all go away?”
Father Mac stared. The brown of his eyes deepened with intensity in a face that radiated pure peace and calm. “No potion, John, and no formula. Just the saving blood of Jesus Christ.”
The impact of Matt’s words pierced his heart. He looked away. “Maybe that’s not enough this time.”
“It’s always enough, John.” Father Mac pulled out a chair. “Sit. Please?”
Brady hesitated, then did as he asked, slowly sinking into the chair. He leaned his elbows on the table and put his face in his hands. “How can God forgive something like this?”
Father Mac exhaled and sat down beside him. He placed a hand on his shoulder. “He does it all the time. I know a man who committed adultery and then murdered his lover’s husband, but God forgave him.”
Brady looked up with shock in his eyes.
A faint smile shadowed Matt’s lips. “In fact, he called him a man after his own heart.”
“King David?”
Father Mac nodded. He removed his hand from Brady’s shoulder and took a drink of his coffee. He wrinkled his nose. “Cold. Want me to warm it up?”
Father Mac didn’t wait for his answer, but dumped both cups and replaced them with hot. He set them on the table and sat back down. “King David was an unusual character. Loved God with all of his heart, but had this unfortunate flaw.” Father Mac paused to taste his coffee, then quirked his lips. “He was human. For instance, one day he’s dancing before the Lord in a linen ephod, not giving a whit that his wife thinks he’s making a fool of himself. Then down the road a bit, he’s lusting after a married woman he sees taking a bath on the roof of her house. And what does he do, this man who loves God with all of his heart? He takes her to his bed, then has her husband sent to the battlefront to be killed.”
Father Mac leaned in, his gaze intent. “He committed adultery and murder, yet he’s still the only man in the Bible God refers to as ‘a man after His own heart.’ Now why is that, I wonder? I’ll tell you why. Because David was a man who had a love affair with God. Imagine that—emotionally involved with the God of the Universe. Trusted Him, worshiped him, sought after him—and all without restraint. Did he mess up? You bet. Did he repent? With all of his heart, aching inside whenever he offended his God. Why? Because he had a Father-son relationship with him, loved him and wanted to please him.” Father Mac hesitated, slowly tracing his finger along the rim of his cup. He finally raised his eyes to capture Brady with a fixed stare. “Just like you, John.”
(I LOVE this scene, Jules)
2.)  Favorite Scripture when in a writing slump?
Oh, that’s easy — the #1 Scripture I’m betting most authors say — Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.
Jules, thanks so much for reminding us ofour strength in the Lord!
Wonderful reminder 🙂


  1. Julia

    Three people I am really wanting to meet in this post 🙂 I love that pic!

    Julie, That’s one of my favorite scenes, too. Made me cry which is rare for me in books. You capture so well Brady as a character here, and encompass the struggles we all face with how deep God’s forgiveness and love really goes (or at least I do at times).

    Thanks for the reminder this morning. Heading out to minister to women (Fridays I lead a homeschool prayer group for moms and spend intercessory time praying for them in the mornings), I feel so imperfect for this calling…and I am, but this was a great reminder to me this morning that God delights to use all of us for his purposes. Amazing how the enemy comes in right before that time to remind me of all my inadequacies, I really needed this.

  2. Julie Lessman

    JULIA!!! Oh man, girl, I have reallllly missed you!! Sounds like you have been incredibly busy. And I SO relate to your feelings of imperfection, which is SO why I love King David! Glad he (and Father Mac) spoke to your heart this morning because they spoke to mine too. 🙂 Thank God we serve a perfect God who covers our imperfections, eh?

    Pepper, this is SUCH a great series — very uplifting!!


    • pepperbasham

      Always a pleasure Julie.
      Gee…Julie & Julia….sounds familiar 😉

      Julia, good to know that even the mighty King David needed strength and forgiveness from outside himself. There is hope for us! Praise God! 🙂

  3. Julia

    Oh, thanks, Julie!! That’s so nice that you missed me. Yeah, I don’t have too much internet time these days. Homeschooling my kids and some medical issues with hubby have kept us pretty busy. BUT I did finish my RD in February after a year and a half!

    Thanks, Pepper. I love this series and have been reading it all but usually too late to reasonably comment 🙂

    • Julie Lessman

      WHOO-HOO, JULIA, for finishing your RD — VERY exciting!!! Homeschooling your kiddos is a definite priority right now, but God WILL move you into the fast lane for writing at the right time, no question!! And I cannot WAIT to see you, Pepper and so many of my dear aspiring author friends get published!! It’s coming …


  4. Susan Mason

    Hi Pepper & Julie!

    Great scene from one of my favourite books! Then again, I love every scene you post!

    I’m loving every tidbit from ‘A Love Surrendered’ and from the new series!

    Back to Speedbo!


    • Julie Lessman

      Aw, Sue, you just absolutely bless my socks off every time I see your name, my friend!!! THANK YOU for your wonderful friendship!!

      And how are things going with you mom??? I have been praying, so I hope there has been some strides made.


  5. Angi

    Good evening Pepper,
    I’m lovin’ this series. Just wanted to say thank you for having Julie on today. I love her books. The scenes like the one that you posted always get to me every time, and this one is one of MY personal favorites. And, yes, Julie is quite the encourager, even to those of us who are reader friends. She’s a dear, sweet lady. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    • Julie Lessman

      ANGI!!!! How on earth did I miss your comment??? Please forgive me!!! Thanks for coming by, my friend, to encourage and bless — something you do SO very well!!

      LOVE you!!

  6. audra

    Julie, haven’t a clue how you chose just ONE passage to show when you have so many to choose from. You chose a good one though : )

    You may be known as the “kissing Queen” of inspy romance, but anyone that knows you would call you “encourager supreme,” just like your book reflects.

    Gotta love ya, Jules! Just like I now have to go back and reread A Passion Denied…

    • Julie Lessman

      Audra, you sweet thing!!! Thanks SO much for dropping by — talk about “encourager supreme,” my friend!!

      Love you!!

  7. Ganise

    Ah, Queen Julie! and a warm hello to you Pepper!
    Always GREAT to see you, Jules AND thank you for posting that lovely scene up there. Are you guessing what brought me here?- AMEN to this Friday’s J.J,. I just LOVE your passion for God and life. And of course, it does help that we’re both on the same boat.
    Can’t wait for A.L.S!
    Big hugs

    • Julie Lessman

      GANISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, girl, thanks for coming by, you sweet thing!! AND for your support and friendship. Hope things are going well with the ministry …. I’m praying!!!



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