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Okay – I have every book this woman has ever written…except her newest one. But I can assure you that as soon as I can find my purse (we moved to a new house this weekend. I can’t find anything), then I’m off to BUY it!!!

Mary Connealy is not only a wonderful and quite prolific author, she’s a fabulous encourager. Her ‘cowboy’ books wrangle in your emotions and keep you on the edge of your saddle from page one. With humor, adventure, and romance braided through the pages, and a smattering of faith to bind them all together, they’re such delighful reads.

So- What does Mary have to say about Inspiration?

 What is your favorite inspirational (i.e. salvation, repentence, forgiveness,) scene you’ve ever written from one of your published works?

My favorite moment in this category is, I think, an odd one. But maybe that’s just because I knew what was going on in my head when I wrote it.
In Calico Canyon, Grace is trapped in their cave/home by an avalanche with one of her troublemaking stepsons, John.
The air is running out. The fire is dying. They have no idea if the rest of the family survived the avalanche. Grace feels herself falling asleep.
And Grace realizes she’d been running for a long time. She’d allowed herself to become this frightened rabbit after spending most of her childhood facing danger constantly to protect her little sisters. She was bold. She took her little sisters’ punishment for them. She fought and kept thinking and learning. Then she needed to run to save her little sisters and somehow running was more than just jumping on a train, in her mind she started running, fearing everyone and everything.
And since she’s gotten married she’s doing the same thing.
There, in that dark cave, facing death, she pulls John onto her lap and says, “I was brave.”
Here are a few sentences of the scene:
She wrapped her arms tightly around John. “You just did something wonderful for me, John.”
He looked up at her. “You mean praying for you?”
That pulled Grace up short. No, she hadn’t meant that. But maybe, just maybe, praying was what it all came down to. She settled John firmly against her. “Praying for me was wonderful. Thank you. And you did something else for me, too.”
“What’s that?” John rubbed his head against her neck when he looked into her eyes.
She glanced at the dying fire and heard the dripping of the melting snow. She felt a pang of regret that she hadn’t been able to do more to save this precious little boy. She felt even worse to think that she would never have the pleasure of being his mother.
Her chin trembled but she held it steady. “You reminded me of who I am.”
“The teacher?”
Grace shook her head. “No, before I was a teacher.”
“You worked somewhere else?” John shifted his weight around as if getting comfortable for story time.
“Oh, yes. I worked very hard somewhere else. But I’m not talking about what I did. I’m talking about what I was.”
John shrugged and looked confused. “What were you?”
“I was brave.”
This moment is the changing moment in Grace’s story. She goes into that cave a frightened woman, a slave to her fears and unhappy about the marriage she’s been forced into.
She comes out restored. She’s regained her courage. If she doesn’t like her life (and she doesn’t) then look out because she is going to FIX IT.
This is almost a resurrection moment. Almost a salvation moment. Grace finds the courage to stop running and face her life bravely, shaking off the enslaving chains of fear and claiming true freedom by claiming God.
It’s a quiet moment but one I think of often.
2. When you’re in a writing slump (or frustrated in your writing journey in some way) what is one verse that encourages you?
The one that comes to mind right now is Psalms 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation–whom shall I fear?
To me, in many ways, the whole Bible is almost summed up in this one sentence (I know it’s not…but there is so much in this one sentence). If we could just remember that God will be with us, even in death, we could face everything. Fear nothing. I think the whole world would change and our whole outlook would change if we could just feel the depth of God’s protection–the beauty of His salvation. It’s a part of His love, and key to remembering He’s always with us.
And I’m speaking as a woman who is a pretty major whimp.
Thanks so much for visiting today, Mary. And I’d say that we’re all wimps and need the strength of the Lord to get by!


  1. Pam K.

    I enjoyed this interview with Mary. I recently read the Lassoed in Texas series and Montana Marriages series (I’m currently reading the last book in the series), so I’ve been steeped in cowboys, humor, strong women, and plenty of action. I love Mary’s books! Like you, I want to read “In Too Deep” and then “Over the Edge.” I purely love them (and sometimes find myself talking like the characters!).

  2. Mary Connealy

    Hi, Pepper. I’ve been running today and didn’t get to stop in until now. Thanks for having me on. 🙂

  3. Christina

    Mary, I find you to be such an inspiration and a real go-getter, which I admire. Thank you for sharing your inspirations.

  4. Mary Connealy

    Thanks, Christina. I’m usually more of the ‘horrible warning’ type so this is a nice development! 🙂


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