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I know you’ve heard me talk about her before (eye roll) It’s no secret that I’m a big-time Seekerville fan.

And you’ve heard how much I love this woman (and her novels), but I’m just going to say it again.

The main reason I love her is for her cookin…er…wisdom. Yeah, that’s right.

Ruth Logan Herne is my guest today on the Springs of Inspiration series and I affectionately refer to her as my ‘writing Mom’. My real mom doesn’t mind sharing at all, because she’s already quite aware that it takes more than one mom to try and keep me straight.

Anyway, Ruthy is one of the Fabulous Fifteen of Seekerville and a Love Inspired author. Prolific would be an understatement for her writing since 2010. She’s been on a high-speed roll with seven published novels and two more on the way. WOW!

So heeerrrreeee’s Ruthy!


 Favorite inspirational scene:
From Winter’s End when Kayla’s left the North Country, thinking she’s following her dream, moving south to Virginia for a new job, less snow, less cold, less barren land only to discover that she left her heart up north, and that despite Marc’s flaws, he makes her feel whole. The Holy Spirit gives her a smack-upside the head, reminding her the choice is hers. And while she’s dealing with that, Marc has his own epiphany in the North Country and realizes that he really hadn’t tried to change at all, that his stubbornness and pride got smack-dab in the way. It takes an invite to a new church and snuggling a mop-topped baby for Marc to finally hear the words of goodness his soul craves. But he’s let a lot of time slip by… How will he ever be able to fix things now?
What keeps me out of a funk?  “Pull up your big girl panties and move on…” (Pepper here: That’s the ‘Mama’ part coming out 😉
Oh, wait, BIBLE verse….
“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven.”  Ecc. 3:1  KJV   🙂
This verse is my mantra. That and the Serenity Prayer. They’re my mainstays because I like simple. Simple works for me.
Thanks so much, Ruthy!


  1. sherrinda (@sherrinda)

    Pull up your big girl panties and move on…!!!!!
    Talk about BIG girl panties! I love that saying and it so true in life. Sometimes we just have to deal with it!

    I loved Winter’s End and thought it to be a delightful and ooey gooey romantic.

    • Ruth Logan Herne

      Aw, bless you, Sherrinda! I’m a total lover of the ooey-gooey! 😉 I still smile when I think of Marc and Kayla and the snark involved between them! 🙂 Such a great couple…. just a little hard-headed.

      Reminds me of someone I know…. 🙂 Laughing in upstate!

  2. Susan Mason

    Hi Pepper & Ruthy,

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many people. One day I hope to give back as much as you do!


    • Ruth Logan Herne

      Susan, you give to us every day, Goofy! That loving, smiling presence in Seekerville… the way you uplift others. You’ve got it working all the time, dear girl!

      Hey, we just had 4 puppies!!!! Four little Golden Retrievers…. ADORABLE!


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