Off line but on Target

by | Jan 27, 2012 | Fiction Book Reviews | 4 comments


I admit it.

I’ve not been the best blogger lately.

In fact, I’ve been offline more in the past 3 weeks than I’ve been in probably the last 3 months.

I’ve hit one of those life-bumps which pull you away from the cyberworld which can be so time-comsuming and thrusts me headlong into the real world. My life. My job. My family.

And it means that writing gets shoved somewhere between the laundry piles, ungraded papers, and packing boxes.

Last week it was REALLY bothering me because I have that same problem most other writers have: My imaginary friends want to come out to play and won’t leave me alone until I get their stories out on paper.

Which made last week all the harder because I received scores back from a contest in which I didn’t do very well.

So I kicked myself around a little, emailed Tina Radcliffe for some positive kicks to counter my very negative ones, and did what I usually do when faced with disappointment:

1. Eat Chocolate

2. Put the crits away for later (when I’m less likely to toss my computer across the room)

3. Eat Chocolate

4. Pray

5. Email someone who understands

6. and…er…did I say ‘Eat Chocolate’ already? 🙂

But you know what? My plight is not a surprise to God. In fact, He’s right in here the thick of it with me. I’m in HIS HANDS – so of course He knows what’s going on. In this moment I have an amazing opportunity.

Trust Him

or Despair

The latter leads to untrue thoughts, miserable feelings, and impotent actions

The former leads to incomparable peace, indescribeable joy, and an immeasurable sense of value.

Which to choose?

That’s a no-brainer.

It may take a few more reminders to keep me on the right path, but I know that the One who holds me, helps me to stay on His path.

I’m may be off-line, off-balance, and off-kilter, but in God’s book I’m right on Target when I trust in Him 🙂



  1. Carol Moncado

    <3 you, darlin! Hope Tina gave you some very positive kicks! You are AWESOME!

    Had some of those contest entries recently too. /shudder/. You can commiserate with me anytime, friend.

    Still love you bunches!

    • pepperbasham

      You also had some GREAT contest news too, didn’t you? huh? Come on… I know the truth. 🙂
      Congrats again.

  2. Susan Mason

    Hope you’re feeling better, Pepper. I should be getting some scores back in a week or two and am trying to mentally prepare myself – if that’s possible.

    I love that word TRUST. It puts everything in perspective – after the chocolate that is! \lol.\

    • pepperbasham

      thanks so much, Susan. The crits gave some really good info for me to improve (as well as some pretty blah stuff too) But that’s a battle with my pride and judge-preference 🙂

      And Chocolate helped. Not as much as trusting God – but it was pretty good.


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