A Post Christmas Thought

by | Dec 27, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews | 1 comment

Meditating on the amazing miracle of God’s Son’s birth is not only humbling, but encourages a heart of thanksgiving.

From Adam and Eve’s first act of disobedience, which ripped a rift between mankind and God, we’ve been trying to make our way back to God. But we can’t.

It took a miracle.

An unexpected and unbelievable act of God.

And the entire stable scene sets the stage for God’s choice.

A manger in a stable? A filthy place where animals not only sleep but relieve themselves?

A smelly, dirty cave of a place?

What other picture could portray the darkness and sin to which this Rescuer of the world would come?

And how appropriate? Shepherds would have never thought to set foot in a palace to see a king’s birth – but a stable?

Even they could be welcome into a stable.

God became man, approachable.

It’s a wonderous mystery and a beautiful picture of how great His love and how great our sin.

Oh what a SAvior! Oh what love!


May the knowledge of His love fill you with Joy in this New Year!!


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  1. Ruthy Logan Herne

    Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

    Happy New Year, dear friend!


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