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Songs of Christmas – An Amy Grant Special ;-)

There are many Christmas songs that have come about during the last few years. Amy Grant seems to have a few favorites around here 😉
Let’s check out what two wonderful Seekers have to say about them – and which ones they’ve chosen 🙂
Oh WOW, without question, Amy Grant’s Emmanuel. The minute that deep repetitive base echos in my ears signaling its onset, my heart starts to thump along with it, heralding the truth of lyrics that are very simple, brief, yet powerfully emotive, at least for me. The song only consists of four simple lines, but their message and impact are life-changing — that when invited in, the “Prince of Peace” chooses to reside inside of a human heart, becoming Lord of life and Lord of all! Thank you, God!!
Emmanuel, Emmanuel. Wonderful, Counselor! Lord of life, Lord of all; He’s the Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Holy One! Emmanuel, Emmanuel.
My favorite Christmas song is Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton. Beautiful lyrics as well as peaceful, ethereal music make this one I never tire of hearing. I love to imagine how Mary felt carrying the baby Jesus. How she must’ve felt as the time came to deliver–in a stable–the Son of God. I think the song does an amazing job portraying the emotion.
Stay tuned for Friday with Erica Vetsch!

2 thoughts on “Songs of Christmas – An Amy Grant Special ;-)”

  1. Julie, we both have good taste! 🙂

    Pepper, thanks for featuring music. It’s about my favorite part of Christmas. We sang our Christmas cantata at church tonight. It’s such a beautiful piece!


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