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Change – from a kid’s perspective

So, the seasons are changing.

The time will soon change.

The clothes we wear are changing.

Seems that there’s so much to change. How do we go along with it?

I just wanted to share how my girls (and a little from my son) handled change tonight. In their carefree and fun way, they showed me how to  ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the ride like they do.

How do they handle change?

Put on a new dress 😉




or (if you’re Samuel) try to find ways to get into the picture so that it looks like you’re going to destroy your sisters. We all have to have a motivation for change, right? 😉

Lydia and Phoebe’s motivation to change was to see which dress could twirl the best and which one was the cutest.

Change requires motivation. I start putting a jacket on in October and November because I’m motivated to stay warm.

What’s your motivation for change?

Are you motivated to complete a new novel?

Motivated to serve someone in need?

Motivated to become more like Jesus?

See your kids make good grades?

Lose weight?

Whatever the motivation, it’s probably going to require change.

And whether change scares you or excites you – is it worth the cost? Is our motivation high enough?

Well, I know God is big enough to help us whether the change is big or small 🙂


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