Conference Tips with Ruth Logan Herne

by | Sep 13, 2011 | Christian authors | 11 comments

For the unpubbed author, there is nothing better than finding people who support and encourage you.

People who teach and guide you.

People who tell you the truth, critique with love, and have a snarky sense of humor.

Ruth Logan Herne has been one of those people for me!

One of the fabulous fifteen of Seekerville, Ruthy has made an amazing hit into the published world since her first book Winter’s End came out in March 2010, Ruthy has successfully released  FIVE more books with many more to come! Her novels have consistently received excellent reviews and Winter’s End is a finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Carol Awards this year (I plan to CHEER in person!!! Probably annoyingly loudly. Go, Ruthy!!)

So, without further ado, what are Ruthy’s top three conference tips?

Oh, honey, that one’s easy.




Everything else is extraneous.




Can’t make a cake without flour…

Writing’s your flour. THe basic ingredient.

Simple, yet profound. Thanks Ruthy.

Without words on a page, there’s little chance of publication – so….we have some work to do. 🙂

To learn more about Ruthy’s books, visit her website at or stop by Seekerville!

Do you have someone or more than one someone who encourages you along this writing journey?


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    • pepperbasham

      Thank you! You are so sweet to me

    • pepperbasham

      Both EXCELLENT encouragers, Ellen.

  1. Ruthy

    I got my own page in Pepperville!!!! My day is complete! Thank you, Miss Pepper….

    How are Paprika and Cinnamon doing? Oh, wait, that’s Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper. I have watched way too much Blue’s Clues these past years!

    Pepper you are a sweetheart, and thank you so much for the blessing of your honest joy and friendship. I’m so glad you like my books… And me! 😉

    • pepperbasham

      Totally got the Blues Clues thing.
      When I worked in a preschool setting, I used a picture of Mrs. Pepper from Blue’s Clues as my nametag 😉

  2. audraharders

    Ruthy, really? That’s all you had to say? Write?

    Wow. Usually you ask Ruth one simple question and you get a 10 page dissertation for an answer, complete with Ruthy snark and wisdom, LOL!

    But as always, you speak the truth. Write, write, write. Use those muscles; stretch those thoughts!

    Ruthy, Pepper, looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

    • pepperbasham

      At least ‘write’ is easy to pack, ‘right’ Audra?
      can’t wait to see you too

  3. Casey

    Ruthy wouldn’t like to admit it, but she is more like Mary Connealy than she thinks. I mean, really?? Ruthy the heros?? AND how many books you’ve written now? I can’t keep up thanks to you. 😉

  4. Regina Merrick

    When I saw that Ruthy’s heroine in MENDED HEARTS was a librarian, I didn’t wait for my library copy – I went right out and bought one, because I’ve never met a Ruthy book I didn’t like. (That’s not original, by the way)

    I’ve had so many someones that have encouraged me, from writer friends who hit me with, “So give me your pitch!” to personal friends who fussed, but with a smile, “I can’t believe I never knew you were writing a BOOK! How cool is THAT!”

    Thanks for the tips – write, write, write . . . I think I can do that. 😀

  5. Julie Lessman

    RUTHY!!! You sure don’t mince words, girl, and that would have to be one of my favorite things about you despite getting on the back side of that fine attribute more than once. You are the real deal and more than anyone, a true inspiration to keep my butt in the chair. I thank God for your friendship!



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