Small Town Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne

by | Jul 15, 2011 | Christian authors, Fiction Book Reviews, inspirational fiction | 8 comments

Want a SWEET TREAT for your heart? Ruth Logan Herne’s latest book, Small Town Hearts, will provide the necessary sustenance and so much more.

Danny Graham is a hero so sweet, he rivals chocolate – and I DO NOT mean the generic brand either. I mean the good stuff. And poor Megan Russo’s well-protected heart doesn’t stand a chance.

Burned twice by two jerks, Megan focuses on her family, friends, and her candy store. Life in a small town may not be the best place to allow her past to disappear into obscurity, but it fits the simple, peaceful life she wants. But in all honesty, her life was like cookie dough without the chocolate chips added in.

Enter, Danny Graham, grandson of Grandma Mary’s Candies and businessman with a purpose. Open up a chain of his grandma’s stores just around the corner from Megan’s shop. It’s one thing to fulfill one of his grandmother’s dreams, but another to put a sweet shopkeeper like Megan Russo out of business. Especially with Megan’s small town appeal snatching his heart from the very first moment.

It’s gonna take a whole lot of sugar and spice to get everything working nice between these two . When Megan finds out Danny’s real reason for being in town will it end in her strike three for romance? Will Danny learn that the sweetest ingredients missing from his life might be found in the simplest place?

Ruth Logan Herne bakes up a delicious concoction of romance, tenderness, small-town characters, and male-female banter. Don’t miss your chance to purchase this beautiful and sugar-coated story.

One taste will not be enough 🙂


  1. Jackie S.

    I just got this book yesterday! Will read as soon as I finish her book, Made to Order Family! I love Ruth’s books!!!

    • pepperbasham

      Oh Jackie,
      You’re gonna really like this one.
      The hero is CERTAINLY sigh-worthy.
      Oh. My. Stars (as Ruthy would say 😉

  2. Ruthy

    Oh, you’re so stinkin’ adorable! And thank you so much for this because I had so much fun writing this book. Living in a small town gives me a fun perspective on HOW MUCH PERFECT STRANGERS KNOW ABOUT YOU…


    But it’s hysterical, too, and ya just gotta laugh at how small towns roll. And I love my small town, but it’s true: Everybody dies famous in a small town.


    Thank you, Pepper! And thanks for the Amazon review, too! Jackie, I hope you love Small-Town Hearts and thanks for the constant encouragement and support. You girls rock!

    • Pepper

      You got a friend in me, Ruthy.
      IF I win a Genesis award (that’s a REALLY big IF because I have fabulous people/authors like Mary Curry and Jessica Nelson up there with me), then I’m going to tell the whole world that you adopted me against your better judgement 😉

      I’m all about grace 🙂

  3. Ruthy

    And Danny is a total cutie, isn’t he????

  4. Edwina Cowgill

    Love, love, love Ruthie’s books! Can’t wait to read this one.

    Great review, Pepper!

  5. Angi Griffis

    I just finished reading “Small-Town Hearts”. Danny’s sweetness really did put the chocolate to shame, didn’t it? 😉 Great review.

    Can’t wait for the next sweet installment. 🙂

  6. Susan Mason

    I agree, Pepper! This was Ruthy’s best yet, imho. Loved it!!


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