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Seeker Debut – Audra Harders

Well, she’s not just a FABULOUS lady.

More than a wonderful addition to Seekerville…

Not only a remarkable encourager

Not just as sweet as apple pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup


She’s also PUBLISHED!!

(and she’s so daggone cute too 😉

Audra Harders debut novel, Rocky Mountain Hero, arrived in the mail at the end of last month and I had it read in three days.

Writing a review took a bit longer (blame that on the responsibilities of a college prof and mother of 5)

So, with much celebration, here is a bit about Rocky Mountain Hero from Steeple Hill, Love Inspired.

Single mom, Melanie Hunter, loads up her belongings and eight year old son, Jason, to head off for the job of her dreams. But an unexpected turn of events lands her directly in the path of rancher, Gabe Davidson – a distraction wrapped in a Stetson and cowboy boots. Determined to be independent, and to leave her unsavory past…in the past, Melanie fights the attraction she has for Gabe – and his amazing family, but she’s temporarily trapped in their house – and their kindness.

As Gabe struggles with his own ideas for his future, Melanie tries to pull deeper into her protective shell – with fear of rejection being at the top of her runaway list. But with a cowboy whose not only lassoed her heart, but the heart of her child, running away isn’t going to be so easy.

Will she succeed in the grand escape?

Will Gabe be willing to accept her past so they can think of a future?

Check out Audra’s book for the answers.  A sweet and endearing romance with four very important ingredients:

  1. A hunky cowboy
  2. A funny kid
  3. An adorable dog
  4. And fabulous hero/heroine kissing opportunities

To check out more about Audra Harders visit her website at or catch her on Seekerville.

Woohoo! Still smilin’ for ya, Audra.

12 thoughts on “Seeker Debut – Audra Harders”

  1. I can second your glowing review of Audra’s book, Rocky Mountain Hero, Pepper! Loved it! (And what a great cover, too!)


  2. Oh my stars, I got to read this one in its infancy and now in BINDING….

    I’m speechless.

    Well…. okay, not quite speechless! Pep, thanks so much for reviewing this book for Audra-kins. Yes, Gabe is a hunka hunka burning love.

    Oh my.

    And Bud is adorable, a great kid, a boy through and through.

    And that cover…. ’nuff said. I just sit and stare at it.

    Oh my gosh.

    And Audra did a wonderful job of ‘drawing’ Melanie as wounded but not weak. She came through with flying colors, pushing her story along of her own volition AND a little nudge here or there from cute hero Gabe.

    Yum. 😉

    Great job, da bote o’ youse.


  3. I am SOOO chomping to get at this, Pep, I can hardly stand it!! Am finishing up a book for endorsement now and will dive in head first to Audra’s book, which I just KNOW will be to die for. I mean, really, with a guy like that on the cover and a gal like Audra writing, how can it miss??? I already LOVE Audra to pieces so it seems an easy hop-skip-jump to loving anything this gal writes. CanNOT wait!!



  4. I’m reading it now!! I’m so glad you didn’t give any spoilers. LOL The books is so, so good!! I can’t wait to see what happens.

    Nice work, Audra!! And a great review, Pepper.


  5. Oh my! Am I late to my own party or what?? Thanks so much the kind words kids! I’m so excited about my baby finally making an appearance, I could just giggle.

    Ha! I am giggling! Actually, if I don’t stop, my husband might have me put away…

    Pepper, thanks for sharing your awesome review with everyone!! I could just blubber all over about how wonderful and awesome you are…hey! I think I just did!

    Thanks, Pep and Merry Christmas!


    1. Audra,
      I’m giggling right along with you.
      MY pleasure to write and read this wonderful story.

      Merry Christmas – and keep the books coming 🙂


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