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Reformation Sunday NEWS!!

Happy Reformation Sunday!!

News for you?

Well, we have two winners from last week.

Patsy won Myra’s novle, Where the Dogwoods Bloom. Woohoo!

Susan Mason won Jamie Carie’s book, The Snowflake. (CONGRATS, SUSAN!!)

Send your snail mail to me at pepperbasham(at)yahoo(dot)com and I’ll forward those addresses on to the wonderful authors.

This week?

Margaret Daley on Monday

Erica Vetsch for Wednesday (with a giveaway)

and Siri Mitchell on Friday.

Can’t wait to see what these authors have to say about Falling Into Love.

Stop by to find out more.

6 thoughts on “Reformation Sunday NEWS!!”

  1. Well, I’m sad I didn’t win Myra’s book, but congrats to the two happy winners! And congrats to you, Pepper, on winning the Natasha Kern contest! I wish I’d had something ready to submit. Hope all works out well for you! (Maybe you’ll be hosting your own debut facebook author party soon!) Blessings!


  2. Congratulations to the book winners, and thanks to Pepper for hosting this terrific blog!

    Patsy, I’ll be looking forward to sending you my book, so be sure to contact Pepper or me with mailing info!


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