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God Made the Books

My three year old just walked into the room and said, “Mama, God made the books.”


Then my 12 year old followed her comment by saying, “Well, actually, God made the trees that made the paper. THEN God made the people to take the paper and bind it into books, after some other people God made, wrote the words on the paper. So really,” he grinned. “God made the books.”

For those of us who are writers (or in other words, those people God made to write on the paper to make books), this is a great perspective to keep in the forefront of our thoughts.

God is the true Author – he just happens to use his kids to write the stories. Without Him, there would be no trees, no paper, no inspiration, no people. In short – nothing!

Or nothing worth writing about.

Just a reminder for those of us who are in the trenches – trying to create something out of chaos. At the bottom, or the root, of it all is God.







Maker of beauty out of chaos…. Something out of nothing. Stories.

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