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ACFW Day #2

I’m heading back out the door in a minute, but wanted to show you two more pics from the conference. I’m SOOOOO tickled.!!!

Here’s a pic of me and Mary Connealy. I can’t tell you how very excited I was to get to meet this lady in person.

Next is a picture of another wonderful Seeker gal, Audra Harders. LOVELY person. Along with her is first time conferencee, Angi Dickens. She was a sweetie and excellent writer.

6 thoughts on “ACFW Day #2”

  1. Thanks so much for posting these photos, Pepper. I agree with Casey, you look absolutely glowing and its wonderful to see the pictures. Mary looks like she has the infectious smile I picture her with.


    1. Julia,
      Mary is HILARIOUS!!! Her acceptance speech really showed her personality. She said that she thanked her husband who let her come to her first ACFW conference to stay with someone she met on the internet. LOL.
      What a blast.
      and thanks for the compliments


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