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The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson

Get ready for the story of Sleeping Beauty like you’ve never heard it before.

Melanie Dickerson’s debut novel weaves a tale of mystery, faith, and the center-thread of true love. Rose, the woodcutter’s daughter, works to become the next Healer – a position which will give her enough status to forgo the expectations of a loveless marriage. Determined to prove herself – and to serve God in her talents, Rose never expects to fall in love with the ruler of the land, Lord Hamlin,… a man far above her station and who has been betrothed since birth.

But if her heart cannot be satisfied with his love, can she find romance in another…namely Lord Hamlin’s brother? Is true love worth waiting for? Worth the ultimate risk?

What happens when a dark stranger threatens to destroy her life and steal her dreams? Can love truly conquer all?

To find out, pick up this new release, The Healer’s Apprentice – a story with classical twist. There is adventure, danger, romance…and a beautiful element of growth, where Rose discovers that God’s plans are much better than hers could ever be.

It’s a sweet story with a strong element of faith and a wonderful hero. What a great debut novel! Congratulations, Melanie. I’m so happy to get to share this exciting news with you!!

To learn more about Melanie, check out her website at

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