Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

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Breathtaking is the best word I can think of to describe Laura Frantz new novel, Courting Morrow Little. I thought her first novel, The Frontiersman’s Daughter was a beautiful piece of fiction, but Laura only improves her storytelling abilities with this next one.

I can’t recall how many times I was moved near-tears from the extreme and raw emotion of this story. And just as I gasped in fear of a heart-break, Laura would rescue my quivering heart with a beautiful resolution. Oh my, ending the story was bittersweet.

Let me tell you a bit about the book –

Morrow Little has an intense fear and dislike for the Shawnee. Since her mother and sister’s murder by a raiding Shawnee party, Morrow has stoked the ember of bitterness into full flame. Now  with her return to Kentucky from two years out East, Morrow is faced with an ailing father, the renewed chill of her memories, a sliver of hope about her lost brother, and the constant visits of a Shawnee chief and his son, Red Shirt.

Torn between what she wants to believe and the truth, Morrow makes three magnificent journeys: the journey from childhood to womanhood, the journey of doubt to faith, and the journey of bitterness to forgiveness. As beautifully adorned as she was on the first page, the woman she becomes by the last page, though maybe not as exquisitely dressed, is a jewel refined by the flame of suffering and purified through the beauty of true love.

Laura creates a compelling and remarkable hero in Red Shirt. I was entranced by him from his first stoic appearance. His gentleness, quiet confidence, and complete manliness is gripping. The warring fires of forts and Indian camps was nothing compared to the heat of passion between Red Shirt and Morrow. Though Laura keeps all her descriptions PG-rated, the reader can almost taste the raw emotional intensity and romantic tension sizzling the page.

Whew-  what a book! And one I plan to stash safely on my ‘keeper’ shelf. Oh Laura, this one is my favorite of the two, and if you keep up the pace, I can only imagine how wonderful book #3 will be. Please tell me it’s about Jess? Come on! Am I right?

If you are in the mood for a thrilling and beautiful historical adventure, sprinkled with romance and laced with deep-set elements of faith, Courting Morrow Little is definitely a top choice. I’m still basking in the post-reading glow 🙂

Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

This book was provided by Revell and happily reviewed by me.


  1. Sherrinda

    I absolutely love the cover of this book and you make it sound like a must-read!

    • Pepper

      It’s definitely one you’ll want to read. Oh my, I’m still all tingling just thinking about some of the scenes. Whew. Beautiful romance.

  2. Julia

    Great review, Pepper on one of my favorites of this year so far, too.

    • Pepper

      Thanks, Julia. It was such a great story – definitely one of my top pick for the year.

  3. Julie Lessman

    Oh, man, Pepper — it’s been hard enough for me to hold off reading this book since I have several required reads on my TBR list ahead of it, but you have made it all the more difficult.

    Laura is hands-down one of my favorite writers and I am literally salivating to get to this book, so thanks for making it sheer MURDER to wait, you brat!!


    • Pepper

      LOL, Jules.
      You just made my day. 😉

  4. Laura Frantz

    Pepper, I must say I couldn’t wait till today:) What a beautiful review!! You bring out the most interesting, heartfelt insights!! It’s such a HUGE compliment coming from you as you are a voracious reader and a fine writer. This review is one I’ll read and savor again and again. I really wrestled with this story in so many ways. Only God could have made it shine, if it does.

    Sherrinda, Julia, and Julie ~ you all are so amazing and supportive!! Publishing can be very rocky and emotional but having friends along the way sure helps make the journey better. And Julie, I so understand your stack of stuff to read! My husband looked at my towering piles of unread books around my writing chair last night and just shook his head and said we are desperate for some bookshelves! Glad I’ve already read A Hope Undaunted:) SWEET!

    Okay before I write a novel here…

    Bless you, bless you, bless you! Forgive any typos as I’m on deadline for book 3. Then it’s off to book 4:)

    • Pepper

      Oh Laura,
      I’m so glad you stopped by. As Julie can probably attest, I love to gush about authors I love – both their writing and personalities 🙂
      It’s nice to know that at the beautiful heart of a story, is the heart of a beautiful person 🙂
      Btw – you never answered my question about Jess 😉

  5. Laura Frantz

    Oh my yes, JESS! You’re not the first reader to ask for a sequel about him:) Sadly, he isn’t in book 3 though I’d love him to be! This 3rd book, The Colonel’s Lady, due out next summer, is about a Revolutionary War hero and a spinster of 28. Still in Kentucky. Still on the frontier. Book 4 takes me out of Kentucky. Alas! But no spoilers here:) Praying you like it just as much!

    • Pepper

      No worries, Laura. I’m sure whatever you write will be a marvelous suprise. But you do know, I have a horrible need for resolution. I’ve written sequels to movies, just to have closure. I might have to spend some time soon daydreaming about Jess’ story, so I can end it with a smile 🙂

  6. Regina Merrick

    I grabbed “Courting Morrow Little” the INSTANT I saw it on the bookstore shelf (I can prove it – the picture’s on Facebook! LOL), and started reading it almost immediately! What a wonderful book. I agree. I honestly didn’t see how Laura could write anything that I could like better than “The Frontiersman’s Daughter,” but this one was as good, if not better.

    Oh, and one other thing. When I got to the part where Lael’s father is escorting Morrow home? I literally cried. I was just so glad to “see” him! LOL

    • Pepper

      I was so glad to see Captain Click on the page too. Wasn’t that a sweet surprise. And Trapper Joe 🙂 Wasn’t he in the first one too?

      Thanks for stopping by. It was such a great story.

  7. Susan Mason

    Can’t wait to read both these books! Now if my book budget would only co-operate!


    Thanks for the great review. I’m sure I will agree once I read them.


    • Pepper

      This book is definitely worth stretching a few dollars 😉 But, if all else fails, the library is a great option too. Author Mary Connealy is always reminding people of that choice – but I wanted to KEEP this one 🙂



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