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Waiting Out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne

Well, Ruth Logan Herne has done it again. Written a beautiful story of hope and healing with just enough grit and humor, (plus great animals) to keep the reader from getting anything else done in her house.

Gee, thanks Ruthy. It’s a good thing I did some house-cleaning BEFORE  I started reading.

 Waiting Out the Storm is a novel of second chances and redefining expectations. Craig Macklin tends a grudge with as much expertise and he tends the animals in his clinic. For years, he’s barely tolerated the Sloccums for a crime one of them committed against his family. When the youngest Sloccum, Sarah, brings in her dog for Craig’s help, he responds as a professional, but inside he’s seething.  The fact she was a Sloccum and a shepherd put her on the lowest rung of likeable people, even if her dove eyes snagged his attention against his will. He wanted nothing to do with her or her sheep.

Until his life and Sarah’s begin to intertwine.

 When Sarah unexpectedly becomes the guardian for her nieces and nephew, and the truth of the past surfaces, Craig begins to realize his mom is right about those nasty assumptions.

 But can Sarah’s heart open up to a man with a past like his? Can she forgive him for his longstanding resentment toward her for a crime her half-brother committed? And when a storm sweeps through Sarah’s farm and leaves her wounded, will the scars from her past heal as beautifully as the ones on her face?

 Waiting Out the Storm is a fantastic second book for Ruth Logan Herne. Following her debut novel with Steeple Hill, Winter’s End, Ruthy has a consistent flow of books in stores this year. The third book in this series, Made to Order Family comes out in September.

 Sarah and Craig’s story is a good testament to false assumptions and the blindness that unforgiveness causes. Both characters in this story are dealing with matters of unforgiveness. And just so you know – Ruthy writes great heroes. Love Craig. And for that reason, I’ve wanted to slap both of her heroines in the next-to-last chapter of both books 🙂 Sorry, Ruthy – but it’s true. Go grab that man!!! He’s a keeper! You should hear me. I actually talked to Sarah.

 You’ll have to read the book to see if Sarah listened to me. And visit Ruthy’s website and brand new blog.

You can also read some of her words of wit and wisdom on Seekerville. It’s always worth the daily stop. Can’t wait for the next one, Ruthy. You’ve got a fan in me. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Waiting Out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne”

    1. Jules,
      I’d say my writing dealines are MUCH less-stressed than yours, so it makes sense why you haven’t read the book yet.
      My other dealines? The everyday ones. Oh well, they weren’t met yesterday. LOL. Except playing with my kids and making supper. The rest will wait…unfortunately it doesn’t self-clean 🙂


  1. Oh my stars, you gave up housework to read my book.

    What a smart girl!!!! 😉

    Pepster, thank you so much for your lovely review! And hey, I’ve wanted to slap many a guy and gal, real and fictional, that didn’t know enough to appreciate a good thing when they have it. Goofs.

    I love Sarah and Craig’s story, and the great shepherds that helped me craft it, Mary Jarvis from Wisconsin and Al Ostrander from Canton, in the heart of the North Country. Great people.

    And the dogs… the sheep…. the kids….

    Oh mylanta, what a fun mix.

    Thank you, Pepper!!!! I’m grinning (a lot of teeth so I grin a lot, they just don’t quite fit in my mouth, you know?) in upstate New York!

    Love you.

    And the check’s in the mail.

    (Kidding, IRS. Seriously)



    1. Truly my pleasures, Ruthy.
      Sweet, sassy fun. SO much better than folding laundry.

      and you’re grin looks cute. Truly. That new story you’re writing? The new series about the…em…Ginger-gal. Is it the one coming out in 2011?


  2. Oooo-la-la! If Ruth’s book is as good as her first one, then I’m in for a treat! I absolutely love me some sass. And goodness, the plotline sounds so intriguing. Family feud, drama, scars…sounds like a page turner. 🙂

    Great review, Pepper! You actually “talked” to the heroine? lol…I can picture it! lolol


    1. LOL, Sherrinda
      What’s one more imaginary friend!

      Besides, Sarah was sooo nice. Except when she was on pain meds. Got a little fiesty then 🙂


  3. Excellent review, Pepper! I couldn’t have said it better : ) Ruthy’s stories have such heart and emotion in them, you feel like pulling up roots and moving to the North Country where vets build gorgeous houses and determined shepherdesses (is that word??) fearlessly face cold dark nights and ferious storms to protect their sheep.

    Sounds a lot like Ruth, no??

    Thanks for the great review of Waiting Out The Storm. The book is worth every penny!!!!!


  4. Audra,

    Fearless? Determined? Ferocious? Yep, I’d say those describe Ruthy very well. 😉

    Especially the last one. LOL.
    She scared the goosebumps off of me. Seriously.
    And she enjoys track changes WAY too much 😉

    Thanks for the visit, Audra. Can’t wait to have you as a guest next week.


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