Sizzling First Encounters with Cheryl Wyatt

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It’s great to have another Seeker join us today, as well as another Love Inspired author. Cheryl Wyatt’s books have a great deal of romantic tension and internal conflict, but unlike Janet’s books, Cheryl writes contemporary. Her seventh book in the Wings of Refuge series , Steadfast Soldier, just came out in June – AND has a fabulous cover, btw. Just scan down a bit to see it.

To find out more about Seekerville, where Cheryl is a frequent ‘poster’, visit

All of the books from this series involve pararescue team-members. To find out more about them check out her website at

So Cheryl, what makes for great romantic tension?

  I think one element of great romantic tension is when there are obvious arcs of physical attraction…yet the characters react out of respect rather than act on animal instinct or sexual impulse. Controlled attraction and respecting the person enough to wait, yet not denying to themself that the attraction is there. Caring enough to put the wedding ring before the teething ring. LOL! 

If you need a longer or shorter excerpt, let me know. This is from A Soldier’s Devotion.


Vince not being at the chopper when it was ready to lift could cost that pilot his life.

Shivers claimed him. Adrenaline OD. Had to be.

Once his team figured out crucial minutes too late that he wasn’t coming, they would have to pull his weight plus manage their own.

Way dangerous.

Especially since they all had specific jobs they were trained to do during a rescue. There’d be no time to replace him.

Nothing rapid-reaction about him writhing here in the middle of a rain-driven road, wishing like crazy this irksome brunette hadn’t been driving under the influence of distraction.

Water soaked his back, seeping cold to his bones. A rock dug into his skin below his shoulder. He tried to reposition without moving his neck.

Pain streaked across his shoulder blade. Numbness trickled down his arms and tingled fingers on his left hand. A frustrated sound scraped its way up his throat again but he clamped his lips against it. Despite the early-April cold, sweat broke out over his upper lip. He puffed out breaths but the pain didn’t relent this time.

He was sure he was fine, but as a military paramedic, he knew enough to be still and quiet just the same. A killer headache was building at the base of his skull and he knew better than to move until someone slapped a C-collar on him.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you until too late.” Words wobbled from unsteady lips. Hand remaining on his shoulder, she leaned forward, blocking rain from thrashing his face. She continued her prayers.

“You’re getting soaked.” Crazy lady. Her hair was dripping. Her expensive soft suede suit was probably ruined. She didn’t act like she cared. In fact, the deceptively calm body posture he could tell she fought to maintain looked ready to crumble. Like she was nearing her breaking point.

Rain-mingled tears hovering on long lashes threatened to fall. She blinked rapidly. “Help will be here soon.”

Who was she trying to convince? Him? Or herself?

And how could her voice be soothing and grating at the same time? No matter about his bones. His main concern was his bike.

“How’s my ride?”

Her eyes startled open. “What?”

He clenched his teeth. She was probably some rich chick who didn’t understand one stinking mutilated syllable of street lingo. “My chopper. Bike. Motorcycle. Thing with two wheels that goes down the road. How is it?”

That she didn’t answer and only scanned the area around them with ever-widening eyes revved his headache through the roof of his skull.

Incensed, he released the pent-up groan.

“I am sooo sorry. The ambulance will be here soon.”

The urge to laugh hit him full force from nowhere. “For me or the bike?”

Ooo, Cheryl. So. Much. Tension. And I love how you get inside the hero’s head. GREAT POV.

Thanks for sharing today.

Up Next:  Best-selling author, Deb Raney, joins us tomorrow. Stop by for more sizzling fun. (Me and Deb at the BRMCWC this year. Isn’t she so cute?!? She truly is as sweet as she looks)


  1. Julie Lessman

    Oh, Cheryl … talk about a “sizzling first encounter” that knocks you off your feet … I’m talking both the hero AND the reader! Love your work, girlfriend, especially those hunky heroes!!!


  2. Sherrinda

    Wow! Now that is a a BIG meeting! Talk about powerful! Boy, you can sure feel the tension in that scene! I love a soldier…especially in uniform. 🙂


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