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Monday Writes at the Writers Alley

Hidee ya’ll,

If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my post at The Writers Alley today:

And get ready for my first Lesson From the Belly of a Whale, coming tomorrow. How can we learn about God’s grace from the book of Jonah?

Stop by.

2 thoughts on “Monday Writes at the Writers Alley”

  1. This goes out to all the genre jumpers..those who can go from Medieval to the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and back again in one smooth stroke of their pen..I mean wand and tie it all together it spells ADHD the word that means the world to me..Just kiddin Love you Sis..You are the greatest writer, you know how to captivate the reader and at the same time are able to refurbish and old idea and make it something brand does she do it does she do it..must be in the genes she’s wearin..


  2. Love you, bro. And YES – ADHD does come in handy in both your life and mine. LOL

    Couldn’t have asked God for a better bro.


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