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After such a steamy previous month, I thought it might be a nice idea to get our minds back in the right point of view before I start my series called I Need A Hero.

One way I’d like to change our focus is to talk about prayer

Prayer is our way to communicate with God, our Father. It’s not about approaching a judge, because His wrath and condemnation have already been taken on the shoulders of His Son, Jesus. It’s not like approaching a CEO, because there isn’t the professional separation that happens because Christ broke down the barriers between our sin and God. So were are now reunited with God in Christ.

No, it’s approaching a Heavenly Father.

We are: Loved. Adored. No matter what. Anyway…and always. There is no greater love, no higher assurance, no stronger rescue.

So, as we discuss how God answers prayer, first we need to get our perspective right.

Prayer is about focusing on God – not on ourselves.

When we focus on ourselves, our problems become bigger. When we focus on God, He becomes bigger than all of our problems. In Phillipians 4:8, Paul reminds us of what our perspectives should be…”whatever is true, noble, right, pure, right, admirable….” God fulfills all of those things, so when we turn our hearts to him in the middle of our greatest trials or triumphs, we see them through ‘God-colored’ lenses. We can offer thanksgiving and gratitude no matter the circumstances, because we know we are loved.

I told a friend of mine recently this example:

God’s knowledge in our lives is like my  knowledge for my 1 year old. I take her to the doctor to get immunizations. She looks at me with that needle goes into her arm/leg with an expression of shock – why would you let them do this to me? Why won’t you save me from this pain?

I know better than her little mind can comprehend, that this slight pain now will most likely prevent her from getting some greater, more devastating disease later on. This temporary sting keeps her safer in the long run.

God knows better than us. His comprehension exceeds ours. We must trust that this little sting in our lives is for our present character development and future glory. I’ll talk more about this within the next few days 🙂

So tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday – we’ll discuss God answering prayers in three different ways:




Take a moment to listen to this beautiful song by Nichole Nordeman entitled Gratitude


  1. April W Gardner

    “Prayer is about focusing on God – not on ourselves.”
    Thanks for the reminder. I often forget.

  2. Julie

    “God-colored’ lenses.” YES!! Son-glasses!!!

    I NEED a dozen or so, please … a pair for when I’m in my car, waiting on traffic … a pair by computer when the cursor blinks on, off, on, off … a pair in my hearth room when I’m in the middle of tense scene on my laptop and my husband is talking to the dog … endlessly …

    What a GREAT post, my friend!! Without God, our vision is skewed, dark, blurry. With Him, the Son shines in with a brilliant light that gives us 20/20 vision in the spirit through His Word, faith and prayer. Thanks, Pep … I needed this!


  3. Edwina Cowgill


    A wonderful topic – prayer! I believe it cannot be done often enough and cannot be talked about enough!

    Also, I really enjoy Nicole’s music and Gratitude is a favorite!


  4. Teresa Perkins

    This is encouraging, Pepper. At the moment, I feel like I’m being made into a horseshoe. In the fire, on the anvil, hit with a hammer, in the water. Whoosh, bang, sizzle! Could I just have that shot?

  5. sherrinda

    I love the “God-colored” lenses! That is so incredibly true. There is nothing more clearer than seeing with His vision. I wish I had more of those “Son-glasses”!!! My own vision gets blurry and a bit cloudy at times. 🙂

    Lovely post!


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