A Kiss to Build a SCENE On Lineup + Poem

by | Feb 20, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 2 comments

This is the last week of the kissing scenes, except that I have two more to add to the first week of May. Hope you’re enjoying the posts.

Kaye Dacus

                                                     Audra Harders

Jamie Carrie

                                                                    Tina Pinson

Laura Frantz



It begins gently,

a tender caress, lip on lip.

Eyes closed, hands searching.


As tide increases, crashing through veins

heat upon swelling heat.

Hearts intwine. Breaths mingle.

Memories bloom and burst.



Each caress pulses forward

Thoughts fog, feelings clear.

Bloodrush warms red cheeks,

fanning from blue flame.

Breaths slow. Lips divide.

An endless stare of hope.

A heart brand.

Slowly the tide ebbs.

Memory burned. Hope ignited.

Feelings return to the placid coolness of everyday.

The Kiss.

Pepper D. Basham

copyright 2003


  1. sherrinda

    *SIGH* That was lovely, Pepper. Just lovely. I’m soooo looking forward to another week of kisses! This has been the best blogfest EVER!

  2. Julie

    Oh, melt, that was WONDERFUL, girl, and like Sherrinda, I cannot WAIT until next week, because what a GREAT lineup!!



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