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A Kiss To Build A Scene On – Lineup + Poem :-)

Alright, who’s ready for more lip action? Well, get ready for three more weeks of mouth-to-mouth excerpts and teaching tips from some of your favorite authors.

Here’s the lineup for Next WEEK!

Deeanne Gist – history and humor tangled in romance.

Missy Tippens – southern flare and sweet temptation

Ruth Axtel Morren – Regency reverie with timeless truths

Siri Mitchell – Contemporary humor & historical heart-twisters

Julie Lessman – Passion, Purpose, and Powerful characters

And now for a little poem – romantic, of course.

Hope you enjoy!

The One My Heart Cannot Forget

Memories drift into my mind as shadows cloak the coming night.

Thoughts of a forgotten time disguised within a moonbeam’s light.

Your embrace consumes me here, where memory and silence met.

A moment now to linger on the one my heart cannot forget.

I’ve mimicked living, even love, convinced that kindred hearts are torn,

But fantasy soon will dissolve and leave no rose beyond the thorn.

A leap too great to take outside this peaceful house of glass I’ve set,

But I cannot deny your hold, oh one my heart cannot forget.

You follow me throughout the day though I avoid your memory

I catch your scent upon the wind or hear your whisper haunting me.

Should I return into the hands which left my spirit with such debt?

Would you be willing to reply, oh one my heart cannot forget.

How feelings dull, but I felt like when wrapped within your tenderness.

I captured love, but also pain. Is heaven worth the certain risk?

The night slips by but daylight dawns within this soul inclined to fret.

I’ll find you – lover, stranger, friend- the one my heart cannot forget.

-Pepper D. Basham, copyright 2004

4 thoughts on “A Kiss To Build A Scene On – Lineup + Poem :-)”

  1. Pepper!!!! I should have known you could write poetry, because your writing is so incredibly beautiful. You have such lovely imagery in your words. (I’m in the middle of your next chapter and am enthralled!)

    I’m looking forward to another great week!!!!


  2. Thanks, Julie, Sherrinda, and Missy.
    I have poems or songs that go along with the novels I write. I’m not sure why they happen, except that once I’m deep inside the story it inspires other outlets of creativity. Poetry is beautiful, isn’t it? I wrote this poem for a particular novel about a woman who finds a letter from her high school sweetheart. A letter she’d never seen before because it had gotten lost when her family moved. She finds it when she is moving with her two kids back toward home after her husband’s death. The first chapter begins with this discovery 🙂


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