A Kiss To Build a SCENE On with Robin Lee Hatcher

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Ever been surprised by a kiss? One minute your walking through your life and the next minute-  a tornado of inexplicable feelings pushes you into a moment you didn’t predict. A wonderful moment. A moment of discovery and perhaps acknowledgement of feelings you’d ignored.

Ooo la la. Or should I say – YeeHAW, since our special guest today is Robin Lee Hatcher and I”m tickled to announce that her excerpt is from my personal favorite book of hers, Fit To Be Tied.  A Christy and RITA award winning author of many books, Robin’s Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series is a fun frolick in the wild west during the turn of the 20th century. If you’ve not read any of her books, you can learn more about them at www.robinleehatcher.com.

Okay, so, let’s get to some smoochin’ 🙂

Robin, what do you think makes a good kissing scene?

Great kissing scenes are all about the emotions rather than the physical details. And sometimes the emotions can be put across with very few words if the characters have been building up to that moment for some time.

Would you provide us with an excerpt from one of your books to demonstrate a little bit of this point?
This is from my book Fit to Be Tied.

It was true. Even through the sheets of rain, he saw that the wind had pushed the fire back upon itself. Back to where the fuel had been consumed. Flames that had burned high and hot minutes before were fizzling in the cloudburst.

“It’s a miracle,” Cleo cried. “God sent us a miracle!”

A miracle. Sherwood looked up, squinting against the rain. Did You do this?

Somebody cheered and others joined in.

“It’s okay!” Cleo grabbed hold of both of his hands, a huge smile lighting her face, almost as if the sun had broken through the clouds. “The fire’s dying! We’ve won!”

Sherwood didn’t know how it happened. One moment he was holding her hands while she grinned and shouted for joy. The next, his arms were around her and he was kissing her, a kiss that stirred something inside of him, something he’d never felt before, something far more intense than physical desire. Something in his heart. Something that felt a great deal like—

Cleo took a small step backward and stared at him, her hair and face dripping with rain, her eyes wide with surprise. But she couldn’t be more stunned than Sherwood himself. Perhaps if he kissed her again, the shock of it would go away. Perhaps if he kissed her again, he would understand that foreign sensation in his chest.

Woohoo! Go British Cowboy, Woody. Oops, didn’t mean to give too much away. The hero in this book, Sherwood, is WONDERFUL. Good kisses often involve GOOD….er….GREAT heroes – even if they are flawed.

Thanks for being here, Robin.

Kissing Quote for the Day:

“It’s that kiss … that one you lose yourself in. You realize that you don’t want to kiss anyone else and that you are in love; the world around you disappears except you and that person.”

– Morgan Lafferty

Bible Kissing Quote:

You’re so beautiful, my darling, so beautiful, and your dove eyes are veiled
By your hair as it flows and shimmers,
   like a flock of goats in the distance
   streaming down a hillside in the sunshine.
Your smile is generous and full—
   expressive and strong and clean.
Your lips are jewel red,
   your mouth elegant and inviting,
   your veiled cheeks soft and radiant.
The smooth, lithe lines of your neck
   command notice—all heads turn in awe and admiration!
– Song of Solomon 4:1-5

Okay, so what do we notice about these verses? The guy is moving his gaze down her body – I stopped before it got a little too…um…what would Julie call it, Edgy? 😉

Look at the important points though. What does he focus on? Her eyes, hair, teeth (yellow teeth are a major turnoff to a kiss, right?), lips, and neck. With most of the descriptors, we get a visual as well as some other sense. ‘soft’, ‘smooth’. Visual imagery like ‘jewel red’ or ‘dove eyes’, immediately give you a picture.


  1. sherrinda

    lol…yellow teeth a turn off? Too funny! Now, Robin’s excerpt was so good! I’ve seen this book around, but haven’t read it. It will definitely be going on my TBR list! I love reading from the hero’s POV during a kiss. So often men don’t express their emotions and so to read them, well, it makes me heave a big ol’ sigh. 🙂

    • Robin Lee Hatcher

      Thanks, Sherrinda. I love knowing that reading this short excerpt made you want to read the book.

  2. Melanie Dickerson

    Oooo, methinks I have to get this book! I love British heroes!

    Great kiss, Robin!

    And thanks, Pepper! Love the Song of Solomon quotes!

    • Robin Lee Hatcher

      Melanie, glad you enjoyed the brief scene. When I was planning Fit To Be Tied, I really thought the hero would be a cowboy. But then Sherwood walked into my imagination, and I knew he would be perfect for Cleo — although not at first. LOL!

  3. Melissa

    Very timely series, I just wrote my WIP kissing scene, even have an idea now to add something. Thanks.

    • pepperbasham

      Glad it helps, Melissa.
      Plus I have a theory:
      Reading about kissing scenes is an automatic mood enhancer…wait, that didn’t sound like I meant it. Hmmm….It is a great way to bring a smile to your face. Whew, that’s a little better. 🙂
      Plus, sprinkling a kiss or two early on in a story builds tension because it lingers between the couple for the rest of the book. Like a familiar taste you’ve just GOT to try again 😉

  4. Myra Johnson

    Great scene, and I loved the book, Robin! It was fun to watch Sherwood grow into a true hero and fall for Cleo. And fun to watch this very independent woman give herself over to falling in love.

    • Robin Lee Hatcher

      Thanks, Myra. Delighted to know you enjoyed Fit To Be Tied. It was a fun book to write.

  5. Julie

    Okay, Robin, you hooked me with that scene … guess I’m gonna have to get the book! 🙂

    Another great blog, Pep!


    • Robin Lee Hatcher

      Julie, those (“you hooked me”) are very sweet words to a writer. Hope you enjoy reading Cleo and Sherwood’s story.


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