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Ode To Seekerville – Silly Songs with Pepper

Okay, so there is a certain blog that I visit EVERY day. The 15 wonderful ladies who put it together are filled with humor, encouragement, and joy in the Lord. It’s a wonderful island in the middle of cyberworld and the Seekers (as they call themselves) have been such an encouragement to me.


So – in a complete moment of random silliness, I composed this not so rhythmic poem.

Ode to Seekerville

Good morning to the Seeker gals
where everyone finds faith and pals
and Tina brightens Saturdays
with news in many different ways

From cavemen, fireworks, parties too
Red ruby slippers, bad hairdos
from signs to seas and humor galore
She doesn’t stop there. She brings so much more

Holiday greetings with mittens & wreathes
Wipeouts and movies, and popcorn for treats
Monthly updates on the contests to come
winners, reunions, and so much more fun

With Christmas Peril,  Winter’s End is in store (or stores 😉
and A Passion Most Pure leaves your lips wanting more

A Soldier’s Promise Leaves you Dreaming of Home
Oh how Autumn Rains with some Sushi for One
From Cowboys at Christmas to Husband Tree Prose
His Forever Love helps our faithfulness grow.

No reason to be Scared to Death around here
Because there is humor and ‘just sayin’s here
Along with great writing tips, agents, and things
and coveted news that a publisher brings.
Seekerville’s all inclusive, Mini-books, many clues
where there’s Love on a Dime, mischief and mayhem too.
Kitchen cook-tips with Ruthy; kissing clues straight from Jules
chocolate, coffee, & Star Trek. Wow, Seekerville Rules

From cowboys to pistols and life-threatening feats 

The Seekerville-ladies just cannot be beat.

Thank you oh Seekers for providing this place
Where laughter is common and so is God’s grace.

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