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Another echoing theme, from the authors who gave tips on characterization during the month of November, was a characters essence….

His power

Her strength

His desire

Her motivation

What drives him to achieve his goal?

What keeps her awake at night?

I’m going to sum it up as the Passion that plunges your character forward: The core of his strength which forces him to the final page.

All characters must have this passion or motivation, or they’re just names on paper and the story is over. His desire can be the girl. Her motivation can be her family.

In The Christmas Story, Mary is an integral character…our heroine. She has a backstory, a history built on centuries of stories, and she is confronted with a choice. Not an easy choice, either.

She’s going to have a baby, but not by her fiancé.

She’s going to have a baby, and she hasn’t even ‘known’ a man.

She’s been a good little girl, followed the laws, honored her parents….and now….

People might shun her

Joseph probably won’t believe her

There’s a possibility she could be killed

What will her parents say?

But how does Mary respond?

She seemed to understand the beauty of the ‘call”, as if each breath of her life had built her up for this moment.

Into this insignificant little town in Galilee, to this poor teenage girl, God sent an angel…a message…a miracle.

Her passion for God’s glory and her strength to do what will honor Him, shines through in her beautiful song known as the Magnificat, but even before the song Mary does something all Christians must learn to do at some point.

After the angel shares the news of what God’s going to do in her life, here is Mary’s reply. “I am the Lord’s servant…May it be to me as you have said.”

Full submission to the will of God.

Her motivation, her passion, her strength was found in the essence of her faith. God.

She trusted him with her life, her future, other peoples’ responses, Joseph’s reaction…the precarious future. Her motivation to make it to the next scene of her life, was her hope in God and reliance on his faithfulness. Her passion was found in her ready humility and instant gratitude.

Whew, what a character. And she’s much more widely known than Scarlett O’Hara or Elizabeth Bennett.

Bible tip for the Day:

Luke 1:37 – “For nothing is impossible with God.”

As aspiring writers, we wish to see our books in print. The goal may feel unattainable. But the One who inspires Your soul, will give you the talents, opportunities, and strength to persevere when you keep your passion in Him.

Writing Quote for the Day:

“First, find what your character wants…and then follow him.”

–       Ray Bradbury


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