Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

by | Sep 25, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 3 comments

“No matter where you are or how long until we can be together, I’ll keep searching for you.”

Little secrets, big secrets, and a ‘boat load’ of heart-stopping romance pumps through the pages of Denise Hunter’s novel Seaside Letters – A Nantucket Love Story.

seasideSabrina Kincaid carries around much more than a loaded tray of food for six people at the Cobblestone Cafe – inside she carries a wealth of secrets that constrict her heart from feeling and bind her dreams into inactivity. Now, she’s being asked by sweet Tucker McCabe to help find a woman he’s corresponded with for a year – a woman he says he loves…he has to find…he’ll do anything to find.

So – how does Sabrina keep her heart in check, when the woman Tucker’s searching for is…her? 

Tucker knows Sabrina is the face behind all the letters he’s enjoyed for the past year. Her words, her life, the beauty of her heart swelled into a perfect rhythm for his life…his future. The only problem is…she won’t admit who she really is. As a guise to get to the truth, Tucker comes up with a plan to use Sabrina’s sluething skills to find the mysterious woman of these letters. So…he hires her to find…her.

As usual, Denise Hunter writes a lovely story about God’s grace and the amazing power of love. Unforgiveness and fear are mighty foes, but they tremor in the wake of true and pursuing love. Sabrina struggles with her past, her betrayal, and the pain of being betrayed – but Tucker’s gentleness, steadfastness, and beautiful grace are the trinity of emotions that break down the stubborn wall of fear around her heart.

Will it be too late though? Will Tucker offer his heart to someone else? And are some secrets too treacherous to forgive?

Pick up the book and find the answer for yourself. Poignant, memorable, funny, and…oh so sweet – with a kiss to build a dream on (actually a few of those), you’ll want to read and possibly reread the last chapter a few times over.

And keep your eyes open – Denise’s next Nantucket Love Story Driftwood Lane should be out in the Summer of 2010. It’s on my wishlist.


  1. Denise Hunter

    Pepper, thanks for the lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story! Denise

  2. Kathryn Lang

    This is a great book and would be a wonderful addition to any women’s study group. Denise includes some questions to help guide the discussion about how “Seaside Letters” is more than just a story.

    • pepperbasham

      I agree, Kathryn. It has so many themes to discuss – especially forgiveness (of others and oneself). And thanks for reminding me of the study questions. They’re a wonderul addition.


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