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Second Impressions – my short story

I’m thrilled to announce that Regency Author Linore Rose Burkard published my short story Second Impressions in her September Newsletter. Second Impressions is a contemporary romantic comedy for the Jane Austen Soul. 🙂

To take a quick peek and find out lots of other great info about Regency life and love, follow the link below.

And don’t forget to check out her wonderful books: romance, intrigue, and humor for regency lovers at

2 thoughts on “Second Impressions – my short story”

  1. Second Impressions was a true delight. I plan to hang on to it so when ever I feel blue I can pick it up and put a smile on my face and also in my HEART. Thank you so very much Linore and Pepper. God Bless you both,Juanita


  2. Juanita,Thanks so much for the comments. You make me want to write loads more fun short stories to pile into Linore's newsletter 🙂 I'm SO glad you enjoyed it.To bring that smile to you…wow, I feel blessed.


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