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I’m finished with the Blue Ridge Christian Writers’ Conference this year and the first thought in my head is…overwhelmed. For the hour and a half drive back over the fantastic mountains to my home in Tennessee, I contemplated the impossibility of my dream to write. I read and listened to brilliant authors speak of story, craft, and creating a fictional dream. I heard the tales of successes and literary growth, and wondered where I fit into that world.

Writing is hard work and the spiritual gravity involved in Christian writing makes it even harder…and even more rewarding. As an aspiring writer, I have the opportunity of creating worlds, entertaining minds, and influencing perspectives. As a Christian writer, I add the greatness of expressing His truth to others in a way that glorifies Him, in quality and quantity.

We’re all given gifts and abilities for a certain purpose in life. For a Christian, our purpose is to glorify God – the One who made us, takes care of us, and gave His best for us. It’s an awesome and humbling experience to reflect on our talents as viewed through the lense of God’s goodness. How we use those talents begins to take on a much more serious connotation.

The passion for writing is a gift…and some might say a curse. Stories are always forming adn there never seems to be enough time to get everything done that you need to get done. Despite the thought that this is an overwhelming task, I know I will still do it – and in the long or short run, I hope it brings glory to God.


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