Heavenly Hooding Ceremony

by | May 15, 2009 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

I was invited to speak at the hooding ceremony of some of my graduate students this past weekend. It was a nice experience, one I’d hadn’t participated in since I was hooded ten years ago, and I’d forgotten the emotional intensity that can accompany such a moment.

During the opening remarks, one of my colleagues gave a glowing testimony about the three of the audiology students who were graduating. She read quotes from various employers who had worked closely with these students during their internships. Complimentary seems an understatement for some of the comments made about them. The professor expressed beautiful descriptions about specific aspects of the students’ work ethic, personalites, and integrity. It was touching.

When my colleague had completed her remarks, I whispered to a friend sitting near me. “You know what? I hope Jesus has things like that to say about me at my hooding ceremony in Heaven.”

She gave me a strange look (which is pretty common for me) and then grinned. “Me too.”

What will Jesus say about us when we stand before Father God at the Throne of Heaven? Only I can know the attitude of my own heart and the many sins I commit on a daily basis, but with Christ, our hearts are clean…pure. Besides being washed white as snow, what words of praise will Christ say about me as a servant…a disciple…a student? It’s humbling to consider and even more humbling to reflect on one’s own heart.

Praise be to God and Jesus, who give us the ability to do remarkable things for the glory of God. During our Heavenly Hooding Ceremony, may His words bring a smile to God’s face and a glow to our hearts.


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