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I just bought a new book by Donald Maas, the literary agent genius who wrote Writing the Breakout Novel. This new book of his that I’m perusing…well, actually, I’m devouring it – is entitled The Fire In Fiction.

Recently published, this book is a fantastic supplement to Maas previous writers’ skill Bible. Taking some of the basic themes of Breakout Novel, Maas breaks down information about Protagonists, Characters, Scenes, Voice, Tension…and so much more.

The first thing I had to figure out is if I was a Status Seeker or a Storyteller. Both express passion, but two very different types of passion. From what I understand, a Status Seeker is like a quick, brilliant flame whereas a Storyteller is more of a consistent, gentled fire in a hearth.

Status Seeker
submit too soon & quickly submit again
Quickly frustrated with rejection
“make my manuscript acceptable”
Once there is a contract, a status seeker will focus on what they’re ‘getting’
Go full-time ‘too soon’; up & down writing
& emotions written stories
Look to others to ‘make them successful’


Respond to rejection by looking inward and trying to learn
Making his story ‘the best story that it can be’
Take the contract through a realistic lense and begin work on the next book
Consistency, focus on ‘delivering powerful stories’
Look to themselves to for success

Which type of writer are you?


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