The Convenient Groom

What do you do when you are a celebrity marriage counselor with a new book release and your groom dumps you at the altar? For Kate Lawrence, you pick another groom…or actually, the new groom picks you… he’s Mr. Wright.

Lucas Wright has know Kate for years, watching her from the safe distance of an acquaintance and owner of her building. When he happens to be the only person to overhear Kate’s phone conversation with her jilting fiance, he makes a decision – step in for the groom, marry Kate Lawrence, and use the time they have to win her love.

Desperate and afraid of losing her career, Kate agrees to the charade, but during the process of ‘pretending’ to be Lucas’ wife the marriage guru learns a few things about love…real love.

This book is charming, heartwarming, and beautiful. Denise Hunter picked the Wright man for the job, when she chose Lucas as the hero – and as an example of how Christ-like love looks. Sweetwater Gap was the first book I ever read by Denise Hunger and it was a good read – but A Convenient Groom was twice as good. It’s the second book in her A Nantucket Love Story series – so now I’m in search of book #1 Surrender Bay.

2 thoughts on “The Convenient Groom

  1. Sounds great! I don’t know why, but I love books where the husband and wife get to know each other after they’re married. About to add this to my list. Thanks for a great review!


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