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Carrie Bebris has started a series of mysteries all related to the lives of Jane Austen’s favoritie couple – Fizwilliam & Elizabeth Bennet Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

From the back of the book

When Caroline Bingley marries a rich, charismatic American, her future should be secure. But strange incidents soon follow: nocturnal wanderings, spooked horses, carriage accidents, an apparent suicide attempt. Soon the whole Bingley family seems the target of a sinister plot, with only their friends the Darcys recognizing the danger. A jilted lover, an estranged business partner, a financially desperate in-law, an eccentric supernaturalist — who is behind these events?Perhaps it is Caroline herself, who appears to be slowly sinking into madness. . .

Pride and Prescience is the first novel in a series of romantic mysteries featuring Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as reluctant sleuths who become embroiled in intrigues surrounding their friends and family. The newlywed Darcys’ courtship hasn’t ended, and their adventures have just begun.

The second book I’ve read from this series is:

After the excitement of recent adventures (as related in Pride and Prescience and Suspense and Sensibility), Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy retire to the peace and quiet of Pemberley as they await the birth of their first child.Such tranquility, however, cannot last.First, a mysterious letter from the late Lady Anne Darcy is discovered—propelling Elizabeth on a quest to learn more about Darcy’s deceased mother and an unsettled matter she left behind. Then a summons to Northanger Abbey involves the young couple in an intrigue that threatens not just the Darcy family name, but Darcy’s freedom as well. And just when it seems their situation could not grow worse, Darcy’s overbearing aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, takes up residence at Pemberley.Add to all this rumors of treasure and hints of deceptions old and new, and it becomes apparent that Pemberley is filled not with peace, but with secrets and spirits of the past—and that their exposure could profoundly affect the generation of Darcys to come.

North by Northanger is the third novel in the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery series, which features Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as newlywed sleuths who become embroiled in intrigues surrounding their friends and family.Their courtship hasn’t ended, and their adventures have just begun.

My two cents worth:

The books are relatively lighthearted and fun to read, with a few really tense moments. I enjoyed North by Northanger better than Pride and Prescience because (call me a purist) I do not think the use of ‘magic’ quite keeps the heart of Jane Austen’s works. Carrie Bebris does an excellent job of keeping up the playful and witty personality that makes up Elizabeth Bennet Darcy and Mr. Darcy…oh well…he just becomes better and better all the time :-).

I do enjoy getting to know these classic characters better through these stories and can’t wait to read Suspense and Sensibility. How will Eleanor be? What will Christopher Brandon be like?

I only hope Bebris keeps all the hocus pocus out of the other ones. The mystery element is great, but the ‘magic’ from Pride and Prescience seems to draw away from the story (for me, anyway).

It’s also nice to become reaquainted with so many of the other characters from the novels. How can one improve on Mr. Knightly? I’m sure that’s going to be her next book.

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  1. Julianna

    Hmm. . . Being such a die hard Austin fan I’m a little skeptical about reading someone else’s interpretation of her characters. Maybe I’ll give them a try, though. Thanks for the great description!


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