Alfreton Station – on the track to London

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Fiction Book Reviews | 0 comments

Saturday morning, May 31, we left bright and early for our trip to England. Gilly helped me get the tickets and everything – she is FANTASTIC!! We took the East Midland Train south for about a two-hour ride to London. Inside the train, there were purplish seats with orange specks to match the orange carpet. From some of the folks in the Midlands we heard comments about London like… “There’s nothing pretty to look at except for the buildings.” or “One day in London is all you need.” I liked the looks of Kettering Station as we passed it by on our travels. It was an old-fashioned looking station… very quaint.

From Alfreton we traveled to St. Pancreas Station in northern London and bought our day travelcards for the ‘Tube’ – or London Underground


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